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About us

About Veganest

Veganest curates the best vegan products available online in Canada. From vegan supplements to tasty vegan snacks, we’ll help you make more informed choices when shopping online.

Our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to make vegan products in Canada more accessible.

In addition to vegan products available online, we showcase the vegan brands making a difference throughout Canada.

Why Veganest?

As a bilingual Canadian, it’s quite frustrating to be searching for a product or product category and to constantly end up in an online store that doesn’t ship to Canada. Searching in French isn’t any better, as there’s limited content available in French.

Veganest makes it easier to:


Discover vegan products

Discover the latest vegan products available online in Canada.

Eat healthier

Shop by value to find products that fit your nutrition needs (high protein, gluten-free, organic, etc.)

Find vegan recipes

Explore our collection of easy plant-based recipes. Coming soon!

Learn about plant-based nutrition

Visit our blog to learn about plant-based nutrition and get tips on maximizing your health.

Learn about veganism in Canada

Visit our blog to learn more about the latest vegan trends and influencers in Canada.

Find vegan gifts

Our vegan gift ideas product category helps you find gifts that are original and vegan.