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McDonald’s has permanently introduced a fully vegan burger in the UK, and has even rolled out vegan McNuggets in Germany, but they have yet to permanently release anything similar in Canada. There is currently no complete vegan or even vegetarian meal available on the McDonald’s menu in Canada. 

While a vegetarian burger was briefly tested out in Canada and the United States a few years back, unfortunately, nothing vegan or vegetarian has been released since. 

This is frustrating for vegans and vegetarians seeking budget-friendly fast food fixes, but this doesn’t mean you can’t snack on a few vegan items at McDonald’s. Keep reading to find out what menu items are vegan at McDonald’s in Canada, as of October 2023. 

Vegan Options at McDonald’s in Canada in 2023

If you’re looking to indulge in some sweet and savoury vegan snacks at McDonald’s, this list should make it easier for you. Here’s what menu items are vegan and vegetarian at McDonald’s in Canada: 


Mcdonald’s fries are the most popular vegan option at McDonald’s in Canada. The fries contain no animal ingredients and are cooked separately in vegetable oil. 

Beware that across the border in the United States, the fries contain milk ingredients, due to the natural beef flavouring that’s added. 

Pro Tip: To receive the freshest and hottest fries possible, ask for no salt on your fries. We promise that even without salt, they’re salty!  

Hash Browns

McDonald’s addicting Hash Browns are another savoury vegan breakfast item at McDonald’s. According to their official ingredients list, they contain largely potatoes (fresh and dehydrated), a variety of oils, natural flavours, corn flour, and sugar.


McDonald’s offers 3 types of bagels in Canada, including Plain, Everything, and Sesame. You’ll be happy to know that each one of them is vegan. However, make sure to ask for no butter or cream cheese on the bagel. 

English Muffin

Similarly, Mcdonald’s English Muffin is vegan if you order it without butter. 

Baked Apple Pie

For those with a sweet tooth, you’ll be happy to learn that McDonald’s Baked Apple Pie is vegan. Instead of butter, its flaky crust is made from a vegetable-based shortening.

Does McDonald’s Have a Vegan Burger in Canada?

From 2019 to 2020, McDonald’s tested out a (mostly) vegan burger at a few of their chains in Canada. Unfortunately, the 6-month trial ended, and no updates have been provided since. The burger was known as the P.L.T. and featured a Beyond Meat patty. The mayo and cheddar cheese could be removed to make it vegan. Information about the P.L.T. is still available on their website

As of October 2023, it’s not clear whether McDonald’s will be re-introducing a vegan burger into Canadian chains. 

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