Vegan Yogurt Starter DIY kit

Easily make delicious probiotic vegan yogurt from the comfort of your home! The Vegan Yogurt Starter Kit contains a blend of lactic acid bacteria that is perfectly selected for making the dairy-free yogurt you crave. Vegan yogurt can be made using your favorite plant-based milk and any flavors can be added.

  • Contains a complex blend of healthy bacteria that boosts nutritional content and promotes easier digestion
  • Each pack makes 1-2 quarts of probiotic yogurt at a fraction of commercial brand prices
  • 100% vegan! Works great with plant-based milks such as soy, coconut, almond, cashew and more
  • Made with fresh, high-quality organic and non-gmo ingredients
  • Pathogen-tested by a trusted third-party lab

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