Raw Green Superfood Powder Supplement

Made from fresh pounds and pounds of fresh superfoods, Subi’s “Super Juice” supplement includes Matcha, Spirulina, Kale, Barley Grass, Acai, Goji Berry and more. Vegan or not, attaining your daily nutrition requirements can be a struggle, luckily the Super Juice powder helps you attain those levels with minimal effort. Each serving contains 60% of our daily nutrition requirements, including 24% of our iron, 63% of our vitamin D and 70% of our vitamin K.

  • It takes 20 pounds of farm fresh fruits and vegetables and 40 hours in a low heat dehydrator just to make 1 bag of Subi. No chemicals, artificial flavoring or synthetic vitamins are added.
  • The Perfect Blend. Each serving represents &60% of daily nutrition and contains carefully selected superfoods for all-natural energy. Expect to experience improvements in mood, energy, digestion, complexion, and overall wellness!
  • Subi is nutrient-dense because their vegetables are picked at the perfect moment. Fruits and veggies found at grocery stores are typically picked 2-6 weeks prematurely so they don’t spoil during shipment, which means they lose a lot of their nutrients.

While we don’t recommend replacing a variety of whole foods with supplements, Subi is an easy way to make sure you’re getting the nutrients that your body needs. It’s also great for athletes who lose a lot of vitamins and minerals from sweating, including iron!

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