Aquafaba Powder – Vegan Egg Whites Replacement

Made from simple chickpea broth, aquafaba has gained popularity in vegan cuisine over the past year or so.

What is aquafaba used for?
Aquafaba is generally used as a vegan egg-whites alternative. For that reason you will generally find it in recipes that would typically call for egg whites. Aquafaba is commonly found in recipes for vegan mouuse, vegan macarons or anything whipped like vegan mayo or whipped cream.

Although aquafaba is quite easy to make from a can of chickpeas, having aquafaba available in powder form is unbelievably convenient. You might not always have a can of chickpeas available or, like me, are kind of grossed out by the thought of consuming the liquid from a can of beans.

Vor’s aquafaba powder is non-GMO certified, obviously vegan and very easy to incorporate into recipes. Each jar contains a whopping 112 vegan egg-whites replacements (or 75 eggs).

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