Textured Vegetable Protein – TVP

Textured vegetable protein (TVP) is a great vegan ground meat substitute. Easily incorporate it into pasta sauces for a rich and hearty vegan bolognese, vegan bibimbap bowls, veggie burger patties, stir-fries and much more!

  • Vegan ground meat substitute that can be added to in virtually any recipe calling for ground meat/span>
  • Highly nutritious soy-based product
  • High in complete protein
  • Soy contains complete protein with all the amino acids essential to human nutrition
  • Gluten-free and fat-free

How to prepare TVP?

Soak it in hot water for about 5 minutes with the seasonings of your choice or simply use vegetable broth for easy flavoring. In terms of seasoning, I like to add tamari and/or vegan worcestershire sauce for umami flavor or some sriracha for a spicy kick. No need to soak your TVP when adding it to a sauce.

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