HerbaLand Vegan Collagen Supplement

Is collagen vegan?
Collagen is a protein found in the hair, skin, nails and bones of living creatures. For that reason, most traditional collagen supplements on the market today are not vegan. They tend to be made from dehydrated bone broths, typically based from fish, beef or chicken.

What is collagen used for?
Taking collagen supplements regularly is encouraged for its benefits towards healthy hair and nails, imporiving skin eleasticity, maintaining healthy joints, preventing bone deterioration and much more.

Nowdays, there are plenty of vegan collagen supplements available and they offer benefits similar ot their animal-based alternatives.

HerbaLand’s vegan collagen supplements are an easy way to boost your collagen levels as a vegan. They contain L-Lisine which is beneficial for producing collagen and absorbing the calcium our bones require to grow. They’re also loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C, the antioxidants your body needs to repair itself and produce more collagen. As a bonus, HerbaLand’s vegan collagen booster is also made in Canada.

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