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Whether you’re downtown, in Hochelaga, or deep in the Plateau, finding an all-vegan restaurant in Montreal is no longer a difficult task. When in doubt, apps such as Happy Cow are there to make it even easier for you. While restaurants are more and more catering to vegans beyond the typical veggie burger and fries, nothing beats the joy of choosing from a completely vegan menu.

Here is a list of some of the best vegan restaurants in Montreal as of 2024:

Sushi Momo

Craving sushi that is delicious and cruelty-free? Sushi Momo is your guy! Sushi Momo combines the worlds of sophisticated sushi with innovative plant-based cuisine. With over 30 rolls to choose from, chef and owner Christian Ventura utilizes a wide range of ingredients to create unforgettable textures and flavours. In addition to sushi, their menu includes Japanese sides such as fried gyozas and a soba-ramen salad.

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LOV is well known for its stunning picturesque decor and delicious organic plant-based menu. With their BBQ jackfruit burgers and creamy kale mac and cheese, this chic bistro with several locations illustrates that vegan food can also be flavour-packed comfort food. While everything on their menu is vegan, there’s no shortage of rich, cheesy goodness: LOV’s homemade nut-based cheese is addicting to even a non-vegan. Anyone for vegan poutine?

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Conceria opened its doors in the Spring of 2022. Located on Notre Dame street in St-Henri, Conceria is a plant-based Italian restaurant with an excellent selection of (mostly) vegan wines and cocktails. Some of its menu highlights include Arancini al Funghi, Pappardelle con Pesto d’Aneto, and Risotto di Poro. With its casual yet classy ambience, Conceria is a great spot for a date night.


Located on Prince Arthur, Maynard is one of the best vegan comfort food restaurants in Montreal. Maynard’s menu consists of vegan alternatives to nostalgic comfort foods like fried pickles, mac & cheez, burgers, fried chicken made from shiitake mushrooms, and of course, their classic vegan poutine. According to Montreal’s thriving online vegan community, Maynard serves the best vegan poutine in town. Many restaurants will use vegan cheese shreds in their poutine, but Maynard uses Vegcheese, the most authentic vegan cheese curd out there.

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Lola Rosa

With two locations around Montreal, Lola Rosa never disappoints. Their menu largely consists of satisfying comfort foods like nachos, crispy cauliflower, specialty burgers, chorizo burritos, and rich curry. We highly recommend the Lola “Cheesesteak” which is generously filled with their homemade vegan brisket and a jalapeño vegan cheese sauce. You can find Lola Rosa in the McGill Ghetto on Milton Street and in the heart of Place Des Arts.

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Casa Kaizen

Powered by Sushi Momo’s Christian Ventura, Casa Kaizen serves up Mexican dishes with a Japanese twist. If your taste buds are craving an adventure, and you want to try something new in the Montreal food scene, Casa Kaizen is the place to go. With 8 types of tacos to choose from, it’s impossible not to return. Their zucchini flower and cactus tatar is also a must-try. Walking through Casa Kaizen, located in the midst of one of Montreal’s trendiest neighbourhoods, you get a sense of belonging and comfort, as well as a burst of creativity. It’s sophisticated, tasteful, earthy and ethereal.

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Bloom Sushi

From the creators of LOV and Sushi Momo, Bloom Sushi is another recent vegan restaurant in Old Montreal. They serve beautifully prepared vegan makis and other izakaya-style meals for a flavour-packed plant-based meal. With expertly balanced umami, saltiness, and freshness, their sushi is next-level. Instead of fish, their menu is centered around mushrooms, cauliflower, avocado, tofu, tomatoes, hearts of palm, and other veggies. If it’s your first time, we recommend their sushi platters, which include a combination of the kitchen’s favourite rolls.

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Umami Ramen & Izakaya

Located in the Plateau, Umami Ramen & Izakaya is the only 100% vegan ramen restaurant in the city. They have 5 ramen varieties on their menu, each served with homemade organic noodles. In addition to comforting vegan ramen, you’ll find other Japanese specialties on their menu like vegan okonomiyaki, tonkatsu, and sake. In fact, izakaya is by definition a Japanese bar that also serves a variety of small dishes.

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Located in the Plateau on Saint-Laurent, Tula is the only 100% vegan Indian restaurant in Montreal. Their menu includes a delicious vegan butter chicken, tofu masala, dals, biryanis, and more. They also have a great selection of wines, including some organic. Overall, if you’re looking to enjoy some authentic plant-based Indian food in a cozy environment, Tula is well worth the visit.

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Jones Cafe

Jones Cafe is another excellent vegan breakfast, brunch, or lunch joint located in Hochelaga. On their menu, you’ll find vegan sushi, a variety of sandwiches and wraps, and of course, coffee. Despite being a café that closes at 4 pm on most days, you’ll still find some natural vegan wines on the menu. Jones Cafe is powered by the same creator as Mini & Jones Diner, MJ.

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Chu Chai

Chu Chai will trick the best of you with their expertly prepared Thai dishes with imitation duck, chicken, and shrimp. The restaurant is hip and caters to a young professional crowd, making it more upscale than most other vegan restaurants on this list. Their drink selection is almost as long as their food menu, making it an excellent choice for a night out. Their wide selection of mock-meats and seafood is perfect for satisfying cravings in a cruelty-free way.

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Burger Fiancé

If epic gourmet burgers and fried chicken are your thing, Burger Fiancé should be put on your to-try list. In addition to plant-based fast food classics like hot dogs, cheeseburgers and pulled pork sandwiches, they also have a terrace where you can sit and enjoy cocktails and local craft beer.  Their oat milk-based milkshakes are also to die for.

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BVRGER restaurant promo image

Bvrger is the latest creation of Chris Ventura, Sushi Momo and Casa Kaizen’s renowned vegan chef. Located in the heart of Old Montreal, Bvrger serves mouth-watering vegan burgers and milkshakes. In addition to more classic vegan “beef” burgers, you’ll find fish filet burgers, chicken burgers, Korean-inspired burgers, and even a truffle burger. They also have 7 milkshakes to choose from.

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Bistro Tendresse, a trendy newcomer in the Gay Village, serves vegan cuisine in a setting that’s a little more elegant than your typical plant-based restaurant, and the result is immediately enticing. Whether you’re vegan or not, Tendresse is the perfect spot to nourish yourself before a night out in the village, or to enjoy a comforting vegan brunch. Sit back and indulge in its elegant décor and fun, internationally-influenced food. In addition to a tasty plant-based menu, all of their wines are imported directly from France! The wine list piques your interest and encourages you to learn more while being true to their vegan and organic image.

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La Panthère Verte

The Green Panther is a great location to pick up a comforting lunch and feel good about it. Their menu is vegan, organic, and uses recyclable materials whenever possible. The smell of freshly baked vegan sweets entices consumers into each of their six locations, which are bright, airy, and loaded with plants. Why not fuel your brain with their delicious pita, then reward yourself for all your late studying with a coconut milk chai latte and a slice of homemade carrot cake?

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Oplante is the only vegan all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant in Montreal. While Oplante is relatively new to the vegan sushi scene in Montreal, it’s actually a collaboration between VeganMeat sushi and the vegetarian restaurant Yuan. When compared to Sushi Momo and Bloom, Oplante is more affordable and comparable in style to the sushi you find in non-vegan all-you-can-eat sushi joints. You’ll find vegan versions of shrimp, eel, salmon, and more.

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Mimi and Jones

Mimi and Jones is an all-vegan diner in Montreal’s Mile End. It’s ideal for folks who want to enjoy typical, comforting diner food but in a cruelty-free fashion. You can go there for all of your favourite foods, including burgers, fried chicken, milkshakes, and cheesecake! Mimi and Jones’ dining environment is relaxed, friendly, in addition to their nostalgic menu. If you wish to introduce your friends to the delights of vegan food or simply enjoy diner classics in a  welcoming environment, Mimi and Jones is the place to go.

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Aux Vivres

With its first location on Saint-Dominique in the late 90s, Aux Vives is the OG of vegan food in Montreal. Since relocating to the Plateau a few years later, it’s become a local institution, with a long-awaited second location in Westmount. Hearty bowls, ginormous wraps made from homemade chapati, smoothies, and fresh juices are among Aux Vivres’ distinctive interpretations on healthful, fresh fare, making it a perfect hangout for the health-conscious omnivore or vegan. Aux Vivres is also known for its variety of gourmet desserts. Their classic “uncheesecakes” are so rich and delicious that they will trick any non-vegan.

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Located in the heart of Montreal’s Plateau, Sham’s objective is to provide Montrealers with the most fantastic food possible. In producing all their vegan or Syrian dishes, they meticulously pick their ingredients and utilize only the freshest and most natural ingredients. Their menu features a delicious combination of healthy, home-cooked Middle Eastern and Mediterranean meals that will tantalize your taste buds. Begin your lunch with a healthy Bulgur Tabbouleh Salad then choose from a variety of vegan sandwiches or cashew-based poutines.

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Archway Verdun

If you’re in the Southwest of Montreal and are craving a satisfying yet relatively healthy vegan brunch, Archway is your guy. With a relaxed, warm atmosphere, Archway is a great spot to wind down and enjoy a great meal with some friends or even a date. In addition to a solid brunch menu, you’ll find a mix of Asian-inspired dishes, such as their Udon Tempeh or Maitake Thai. They also have an excellent selection of orange, rose, white, and red wines.

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Hello 123

Hello 123 is another relative newcomer in the Montreal vegan food scene that serves up generous portions of brunch, lunch, and dinner. They also offer a great selection of vegan wine and cocktails. In addition to tasty, well-presented vegan food, Hello 123’s dining area is filled with plant hangers and cozy lighting. While Hello 123 opened its Montreal doors in 2019, the restaurant has been around for years in Toronto.

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Copper Branch

Who said fast food has to equate to artery-clogging nonsense? Copper Branch takes healthy, plant-based cuisine and makes them convenient for lunch rushes or grab-and-go. Their JustEgg-based breakfast sandwiches are enough to put your McMuffin to shame. They also have a variety of fair-trade coffees, teas, and fresh juice smoothies to fulfil your thirst. With eleven locations around downtown Montreal and the South Shore’s Dix30, there’s no reason to go to McDonald’s or Tim Hortons ever again.


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