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If you’ve ever put together a makeshift tofu press in your kitchen before, you’ll know what a hassle it can be. Whether you’re using a cast iron pan or the heaviest books you can find, you either end up with a cracked block of tofu or a mess to deal with. And to be frank, it’s quite difficult to achieve perfectly pressed tofu using a DIY tofu press method.  

A dedicated tofu press makes it easy to press tofu to perfection, with minimal effort required on your behalf. Most presses are dishwasher safe, so you also end up with little cleanup.

Our Picks For The 5 Best Tofu Presses in Canada

We’ve analyzed the top-selling tofu presses to put together a list of the best tofu press tools in Canada. Here they are:

Tofuture Tofu Press

Why we like it

  • Easy to use and clean 
  • No need to adjust or empty throughout the process 
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

The Tofuture Tofu Press is the most popular tofu press on the market in Canada, and it’s for a good reason. Its streamlined 3-piece design makes it incredibly easy to press your tofu to perfection. It’s also easy to clean, with mostly dishwasher-safe parts.

While most tofu presses have to be adjusted throughout the process, the Tofuture is more passive.  Simply insert your tofu in the press, attach the silicone band to the level of your choice, push the clips closed, and let the Tofuture work its magic. The tofu should be pressed in about 20 minutes, but can be pressed for up to 4 hours for an extremely firm result.  

Throughout the process, the tofu’s liquid will collect at the base of the press. With ample space for liquid, it won’t have to be emptied throughout the tofu pressing process.

Once the tofu has been pressed, the press can be taken apart and washed in the dishwasher, except for the lid. Users have reported that the silicone bands are not dishwasher safe, 

In terms of adjustments, the press has three levels to choose from, depending on the size of your block of tofu. The different levels make it versatile enough to handle delicate silken tofu. 

Tofuture Tofu Press

Why we like it

  • Easy to use
  • Quickly pressed tofu
  • Same container can be used to store or marinate your tofu

The TofuBud Tofu Press is a small yet powerful tool that takes the hassle out of pressing tofu and delivers consistently great results. Its unique and sturdy design makes it a reliable addition to any tofu-lover’s kitchen.

One of the standout features of the TofuBud is its simplicity. Designed as a small, boxy device, it effectively drains excess liquid from blocks of tofu, saving you lots of time and manual effort. Unlike DIY tofu pressing methods that can take hours, the TofuBud gets the job done in just 15 to 20 minutes, providing you with a significantly firmer and dryer block of tofu.

Best of all, the TofuBud is easy to use. Simply place your tofu block between the two perforated plates and then close the lid. Next, insert the stainless steel spring and the knob. With a simple twist, you’ll hear a satisfying click, indicating that the TofuBud is securely in place and ready to work its tofu-pressing magic. There are two levels to choose from, depending on whether you’re pressing silken tofu or firm tofu. 

The pressure from the compressed spring efficiently and effectively presses the tofu, and within minutes, you’ll have a perfectly drained block of tofu that’s ready to be marinated. 

We also appreciate that the TofuBud is easy to clean. Simply remove the lid, perforated plates, knob, spring, and tofu, dispose of the remaining liquid, and give it a quick wash with warm soapy water or toss it in the dishwasher.

EZ Tofu Press

Why we like it

  • Simple & user-friendly design
  • Fits larger pieces of tofu
  • Made from highly durable components

If you want to completely transform your tofu preparation experience, the EZ Tofu Press is for you. It’s simple, easy to use, and delivers consistent results. While it’s pricier than most tofu presses, its efficiency and effectiveness make it worth the investment. 

The EZ Tofu Press’s user-friendly design is really what sets it apart from other tofu presses on the market. Most tofu presses have springs and elastic bands that are prone to wearing out and breaking, but you won’t have to worry about that with the EZ Tofu Press.

To achieve that perfect, extra-firm tofu, all you have to do is place your tofu block on the centering marks of the device and tighten the knobs. You’ll then have to add tension to the press every 2 to 3 minutes for a total of around 15 minutes. This simple design not only ensures excellent results every time, but also makes cleaning it a breeze, as the EZ Tofu Press is dishwasher safe.

What also impressed us about the EZ Tofu Press is its attention to detail. The inclusion of a stainless steel grommet top plate enhances the tofu pressing process, ensuring a smooth and consistent result every time. Unlike other tofu press brands that may introduce plastic particles into the tofu, this presser prioritizes quality and ensures a plastic-free tofu experience.

NOYA Tofu Press

Why we like it

  • Easy to dispose of liquid throughout the process
  • Has convenient measurements on the side
  • Same container can be used to store or marinate your tofu

The NOYA Tofu Press is another excellent tofu press that makes it easier than ever to press your tofu. Similar to the TofuBud, the NOYA is easy to adjust using an adjustable knob. Compared to other models, this design makes it much easier to ensure that your tofu is evenly pressed. For unevenly shaped blocks of tofu, you can simply rotate the block mid-way. Throughout the tofu pressing process, the knob can be tightened to press even more liquid out of the tofu. 

The NOYA Tofu Press’s patented design also makes it convenient to empty the water that accumulates in the water catcher. It has a pour spout on the top lid that lets you easily empty the pressed water without the need to reopen the lid and disturb the tofu blocks. This thoughtful design touch keeps the tofu block intact and makes the draining process hassle-free.

Once the liquid has been drained from your tofu, the same container can be used to store or marinate your tofu. It even comes with an airtight lid to ensure optimal storage. 

Another design detail we appreciate about the NOYA is its built-in measurements on the side of the container. The measurements make it easier to keep track of how condensed your tofu block is getting. 

Anrapley Bamboo Tofu Press

Why we like it

  • Made from eco-friendly bamboo instead of plastic
  • Each side has to be adjusted separately
  • Large size can accommodate bigger blocks of tofu

If you want to avoid adding more plastic to your kitchen, the Anrapley Bamboo Tofu Press is for you. Made from pure bamboo wood and stainless steel, it’s one of the best bamboo tofu presses out there. Compared to plastic tofu presses, it’s a safer and more eco-friendly way to efficiently press your tofu.

We like that the Anrapley tofu press is simple and easy to use, even if you’re new to pressing tofu. Simply place your tofu block between the two bamboo plates and adjust the clamps accordingly. Your tofu will be pressed in about 15 minutes or less. 

We also appreciate that the tofu press has a built-in drip pan and strainer (also made from bamboo), making it easy to dispose of the excess water throughout the process. This also means you don’t have to use extra dishes.

With its wider surface, the Anrapley press is quite versatile, allowing you to press different sizes and types of tofu. It’s also capable of pressing delicate silken tofu.

The only downside worth noting is that it’s not dishwasher-safe. While this makes it not as easy to clean as its plastic counterparts, cleaning it by hand isn’t a huge task.

Why Press Your Tofu?

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider pressing your tofu before cooking it:

  • Easier To Marinate: By removing the excess water from the tofu, the tofu is more capable of absorbing flavours from marinades, sauces, and seasonings. This leads to better-tasting tofu.
  • Better Taste & Texture: Since it’s better at absorbing flavours, pressed tofu will have a more concentrated flavour profile. The elimination of water also allows the tofu to hold its shape while cooking, resulting in a better texture.
  • More Protein Per Bite: With all of its excess water removed, pressed tofu will have a higher protein concentration than its un-pressed counterpart. This means you’ll get more protein per bite of tofu.
  • Quicker to Cook: Pressed tofu cooks more quickly than un-pressed tofu, since the excess water has been removed. This is convenient when you’re in a hurry, as you can press your tofu overnight or while you’re away at work, and quickly cook it when you’re ready.

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