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As cold weather prepares to set in, it’s time to bundle up in cozy, warm jackets. But for those who are committed to an ethical and cruelty-free lifestyle, finding the perfect vegan winter jacket that will still keep you warm at -30 °C can be a challenge. It seems that every extra-warm jacket is either filled with down or rimmed in fur. Well, if you look a little further, that’s not the case. Canada is home to several brands that offer stylish vegan and cruelty-free winter jackets.

Here are some of the best brands offering vegan winter jackets in Canada:


Based in Toronto, Wuxly is a Canadian brand dedicated to producing cruelty-free, sustainable, and exceptionally warm winter coats for women, men, and kids. Wuxly jackets are made in Canada with high-quality materials and innovative insulation to keep you toasty even in the harshest Canadian winters. Their commitment to ethical fashion makes them a top choice for those seeking warmth without compromising on values.


Based in Montreal, Noize is renowned for its stylish vegan winter coats. Offering a wide range of designs for men, women, and kids, Noize proves that you don’t need to sacrifice style for ethics. Their coats are not only cruelty-free but also durable and well-suited for Canadian winters.

Save The Duck

Although Save The Duck hails from Italy, its vegan winter coats have gained a solid following in Canada. Their dedication to animal welfare is evident in their collection of cozy and stylish winter outerwear for women, men, and kids. Save The Duck offers an array of styles, including puffer jackets, vests, parkas, and faux fur jackets.

Matt & Nat

Hailing from Montreal, Matt & Nat are known for their commitment to using sustainable and cruelty-free materials in the creation of their products. While they’re mostly known for vegan leather handbags and footwear, they recently launched a line of PETA-approved vegan coats, jackets, and puffers for both men and women. For winter temperatures, we particularly recommend their vegan puffers.


Based in Montreal, BOÏDA is a PETA-approved brand offering 100% vegan winter attire for both men and women. Their VEGAGOOZ vegan and cruelty-free winter jacket line is particularly popular in the vegan community. Instead of animal-based down, their jackets feature a synthetic down made from corn fibres. For harsh winter weather, we recommend the VEGAGOOZ Plant-Powered Parkas.

Cyanos Jay

Cyanos Jay is another Canadian brand that specializes in vegan winter coats. Their coats feature cozy faux fur hoods and extra thick synthetic insulation that can keep you warm in -30 °C weather. They offer a variety of parkas and puffers for both men and women. They’re also budget-friendly, with all their coats costing less than $300.

Alpine North

Based in Montreal, Alpine North has been making quality winter outerwear for over 30 years. Since 2017, their winter jacket collection has been 100% vegan and cruelty-free. They offer a range of jackets for men and women and even have a wide selection of plus-sized and unisex options. You’ll find -30°C parkas and puffers, raincoats, lightweight puffers for Spring or Fall, and more in their collection.


Based in Montreal, Audvik is a Canadian brand renowned for its ethically crafted winter coats since 1979. Committed to sustainability and compassion, Audvik designs its coats with a focus on animal welfare and environmental consciousness, using recycled materials. They offer a range of winter coats for both men and women, including parkas and puffers. They also have a Second Hand program where you can buy their coats second-hand at a much lower cost.


Based in Montreal, Norden is another water jacket brand that offers vegan options. While Norden is not a vegan brand, they have a few vegan jackets for men and women. Our winter favourites include the Mia Puffer for women and the Rikard Puffer for men. Norden, if you’re listening, we hope to see more vegan styles in the future!

In conclusion, staying warm during Canadian winters doesn’t mean you have to compromise your commitment to a vegan lifestyle. Thanks to these awesome brands, you can find the perfect vegan winter coat that not only keeps you warm and cozy, but also aligns with your values. So, embrace the Canadian cold with confidence, knowing that you’re wrapped in warmth and compassion.

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